Best Tactical Flashlights

Best Tactical Flashlights: 5 Picks For The Not So Short Sighted Users

‘There are Dinner Jackets and DINNER JACKETS!!!’ if you might have seen that James Bond with a little more interest you might know where this one came from. The dialogue explicitly tells you to look for differences in things that have the same appearance yet are different in utility.

Flashlights are such objects which look all the same but are very different in usage. There are Flashlights and then there are Tactical Flashlights, you need to know your stats before buying one. Tactical Flashlights are not electrical torches used just for the luminescence, they’re sophisticated tools for Professionals (industrial plumbing, mechanical maintenance etc.), hunting and trekking/survival (adventure leisure) gear, self defence and what not. And one needs to be very informed as to which ones should be bought for the specific kind of applications required.

For all the categorization that goes into buying a Tactical flashlight like, Beam Throw, Bezel Material, Light modes, maximum luminescence; we’ve got for you the most cost effective choices for the most functional picks of Best Tactical Flashlights in the market. See for yourself and chose wisely before buying one:-

1. Streamlight 88040 ProTac Hi

Protac by Streamlight is among the leagues of as sturdy Flashlights as they come. With its double anodized machined aluminium body the flashlight can withstand long range falls from heights as high as 20-30 meters. So if your usage involves avery tough applications, pick this one.

Best suited for a mid range beam shot, which has a reach of 270 meters, this is a good pick for your trekking outings, self defense in cases of Emergency and intricate professional jobs such as inspection jobs for infrastructure applications. Has a comparatively low battery usage life but all that it lacks in usage dynamics it covers up in the rough and tough make. Try to break it while using and this one would shy away from submission, the true branded tactical flashlight.

2. Fenix PD35 Flashlight

Looking for a more brighter and more functional option for the Flashlight Brand pick, go for Fenix PD35. With a 1000 Lumens intensity, Fenix PD35 provides the best in class productivity. Please don't ask us to stop gushing about its functionality. It comes with two Switches each for Tail held operation and Side held operation, easy to hold based on the kind of operation.

Anti-Roll body design prevents the Flashlight from rolling over when put horizontal on the base, comes handy in many situations. Reverse Polarity Protection, not a single one of its competitors at this price range comes with this feature. 6 modes of Flashlight operation providing you leverage to take it anywhere and everywhere as a trusted tool; Turbo (1000 lumens), High-Mid-Low; Eco (8 Lumens) and Strobe (1000Lumens). If there had to be a pick for blindfolded selection, you could take home Fenix PD35 without even having a shred of doubt.

Best Tactical Flashlights

3. Klarus XT11GT Tactical Flashlight

Klarus provides us with the digital edge that others don’t. It has got USB charging inputs making it the perfect tool for long remote outings like Road Trips, it charges on a A charging current bringing it back in action after discharge, faster and better than its other counterparts. Tactical Flashlight Reviews, online are filled with descriptions of how sturdy the material of the Flashlight body is, but no one cares about how the Flashlight Bezel is. The Bezel is the front portion of the flashlight that consists of the round rim and the reflector glass held within.

For people who might know what great self defense tool a Flashlight can be in terms of Emergency encounters, the Bezel has to be strong enough to blow and take in some powerful hits. With Klarus’ Military Spec Hard Anodizing Grade III. the front and rear of flashlight are strong enough to make it a tool of might for such necessities in terms of unsafe encounters. This makes me call Klarus the Best Safety Flashlight as well. Klarus also has got a 2000 Lumens strong intensity with just 400gms of weight. This one also comes with a 6 mode operation. If you’re looking for the one flashlight with both Tactical and Flashlight parts enhanced more than other competitors, go for Klarus XT11GT Flashlight.

4. Surefire G2X Series Flashlight

If you’re looking for something that’s little tactical but sure is more than a flashlight then go for this one. Provides 320 Lumens of Constant Intensity light for 12 hours with one set of power bank.Weather Proof IPX7 coating makes it resistant to any and all weather conditions that normally any of our adventures can suggest. The E4 LED Technology makes the light to extend the battery usage when used for long stretches. With just 230 grams of weight and still this much functional usage Surefire comes up as most simple yet promising Tactical Flashlight Choice for Students and Adventurers.

Choose this one, if you’re not looking for a high expenditure and if your need is more utility based than rusty application. There’s only one thing to worry with this one that it doesn’t supports the rechargeable battery system and you’’ have to replace batteries. But what it loses in this case it covers up for the cost and utility.

5. Outlite A100 Portable Tactical Flashlight

Here’s the beast in terms of specs within the price range and brand value of Tactical Flashlights. You wouldn’t have ever thought about adjustable focus for flashlights and yet Outlite provides for the same making it the most functional tactical flashlight of the lot. Its Beam throw can got upto 6000 feet.

Five different operation modes, a massive 18650 battery for prolonged usage and most of all under water resistivity (2 meters for 60 minutes or less) for those of us who like to explore beneath the surface. Best in class life span with 100,000 hours of operation and 6061-T6 Aluminium which is even better in terms of making it the the most trusted flashlight and the most reviewed tactical flashlight after the ones used for military operations.

Testing it showed us that it can illuminate a complete highway section in pitch dark night better than your car’s headlight; what else would anyone need. Tough as anything and as functional as any Flashlight counterpart can be Outlite A100 is our Best Review Tactical Flashlight out of all of the ones we tested.


Before buying a flashlight always keep in mind the kind of usage that you’re looking for. You might not even realize that the one you’re buying is a low range one which might be handy for now but you might eventually need a better one later. See to it that the one you buy is easily cleanable and has replaceable parts. Ergonomics and Flashlight holding utility has to be checked for and anything that provides with a non-aluminium anodized body is a waste in the name of Tactical Flashlights. Try to get one with better Pocket Clip, most of them don’t have it and check for the waterproof feature, after all a tactical flashlight is mostly for outdoor usage. We’ve listed the best ones for you, so grab one and maybe chase birds in wilderness or dazzle those street thugs, it’s your choice how you use your Flash.

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