The Top Best Monocular Reviews

As far as viewing devices are concerned, monoculars are the underdog that gets overshadowed by bioscopes and telescopes. However, they are a gem which makes them an extremely versatile and handy piece to own. Of a small size, they require just one eye for view and thus can easily cater to those having a single sight. Most popularly, they are used for bird watching, hunting, sign watching etc. If you decide to buy one, you have to look into various factors and features. We make your task easy by executing some of the most sought-after monocular reviews. Check them out:

Wingspan Optics Titan 12X50 High Powered Monocular

Most users of this monocular swear by this gadget and hail it as the best 12x 50 powered monocular in the market today. Because of its diamond bright technology, the image delivered by it is exceptional in terms of clarity, color and brightness. This monocular allows you to look at your targets through two means i.e. by using your hands or a tripod. You can easily spot and follow objects till 1000 yards. Its external DuraArmor protection layer takes its rugged construction notches higher. With its weather, fog and waterproof resistance, it is armored against worst of usage abuse and guarantees you commendable durability. While some may consider it heavy at 14 ounces, it is a smart investment at $65 as evident from its star rating of 4.5/5.

Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular

Crafted using a cutting edge technology; you would love to have this monocular for all your outdoor activities. Its 12x high power magnification ensures you are able to see long distance objects within eye-reach distance while 50mm FMC objective lens gets maximum light into the device to render a crisp, clear and bright image. You can easily adjust the eyecups to your needs. Not only is its design ergonomic but it is also shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. Weighting about 13.85 ounces, it can be held for long hours without feeling any fatigue. While you do not have any color options apart from black, it is still a good buy at $60 and with a star rating of 4.6/5.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular

A top quality product from a pioneer brand in the niche; it is the best monocular whose features exceeds its price. Not only are its design stunning and ergonomic but the clarity and brightness of the image rendered by it till 1000 yards will please you to no end. It also boasts of a picatinny rail as well as the ability to be mounted on a tripod. Backed by the brand’s famous warranty and guarantee, it comes to you at less than $200. Its carry case is slightly oversized but you barely notice it. With a star rating of 4.6/5, it is a piece worth buying.

Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope High Definition WIDE VIEW Monocular

This is a terrific compact and small sized monocular whose exceptional views and convenience outstretches it size and worth. Best used with hands, it comes with an ergonomic and sleek design that makes it very easy and comfortable to use. It also packs various accessories like belt loop, retractable eyecup, cleaning cloth etc. that makes it very easy to use and maintain. Its superb optics, first-rate prism and slip resistant grip earn the gadget great customer reviews as evident from its star rating of 4.7/5. Costing just about $40 and crystal-clear view, it is the best tactical monocular to consider as a regular part of your travel gear.

Leica 8 x 20 Waterproof Monovid Monocular

If you have multipurpose requirements, it is the best monocular that you can get for yourself. It can function as half a binocular, mini-telescope and also like a microscope. It differs from other monoculars in having an 8x magnification instead of 12x but its high-grade prisms ensure that you do not miss the feature. With nitrogen filled cabinet and AquaDura lens coating, you can enjoy crystal-clear images every time in all kind of conditions. The unit is so compact that you can easily carry it in your pocket. Packed with all possible features and accompanies by all required accessories like carry-case, eyepiece etc. as well as a lifetime warranty; it does not leave any room for complaint. While it is slightly expensive at about $400, it makes its price totally worthwhile. It’s whopping 4.9/5 star rating on Amazon is a further testimony of the fact.


There might be numerous monoculars available in the market but not all are created equal and thus all cannot be one-fit all. Keeping your needs in mind, you must find the best tactical monocular that has features meeting your requirements and is both reliable and affordable. While its magnification is its top consideration, it must balance against other features. Checking on the reviews and conducting proper research is the best way to nail the best fit. We hope that you find the right one amongst the ones reviewed by us. Do share your views on our take or if you have found a better monocular than our recommended ones.

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