Top 5 Binoculars for Birding

Would consider yourself a person who enjoys nature? If so, then a pair of binoculars is the best present you can give yourself for a lifelong upgrade in natural quality time.

Perhaps the most important feature to decide when choosing your bird watching binoculars is what magnification would be best for you. The two most common magnifications are 8x and 10x. A 10x lens will help you see birds farther off in the distance, but the 8x binoculars are better for following the movement of a bird you spot due to its smaller image. Thus, a good rule of thumb may be that if you’re planning to only use a pair of binocular for birds, an 8x model might be better, but if you are also interested in using them for sporting events, concerts, or travel, then 10x binoculars could be just what you need.

1. Celestron 71332 Nature DX 8x42 Binocular

The Celestron Nature DX are the classic birdwatching pair of binoculars you would find in the movies. Celestron provides an award winning balance of close focus and long view magnification. The BAK-4 Prisms and phase coated glass provide realistically stunning portraits in every view, the twist-up eyecups and tripod making the pair comfortable for those with eye glasses as well. The Celestron DXs are comfortable, water and fogproof, and have a loyal fanbase around the world. It’s no wonder top birdwatchers consider the Celestron DX as the best in its class.

2. Bushnell Falcon

The Bushnell Falcons are the only Binoculars on this list with a 7x magnification. What this means for you is that not only will you be able to spot a bird in a flash, but you’ll find it fairly easy to track its movements in and around the trees and trails. The 20-Feet close focusing distance proves this up-close quality you’ll see, and the 12mm eye relief is not bad for a model of this price. In terms of long range, at 1000 yards, you will have a 420-feet field of view. You will experience fully coated optics such that light is transmitted where it needs to be for you to see beauty. The Bushnell Falcons are also easy to hold and won’t shake during use, like lower quality models will.

3. Gosky Titan 12X50 Prism Monocular

Technically, this next item is a monocular, with lens instead of the usual, two, but we just had to include Gosky Titans high powered 12x50 model because it provides the best opportunity for binocular-like viewing for the whole family. For one, monoculars look more unique and, if swapped from eye to eye, can minimize strain of the cornea. The Gosky Titans are waterproof, fogproof, and dustproof. Best of all, this Monocular is designed for easy hook-up with your cellphone, you can attach the Monocular to your phone camera and look off your phone! So if you have kids that don’t have the hand-eye coordination or patience to look through the lenses of binoculars, this Monocular/cellphone feature, which works for all major smartphones by the way, is the best option for the people you love.

4. Aurosports 10x25

If you’re looking to buy a pair of binoculars for a friend, these Aurosports would make the best gift at an affordable price. While this pair won’t let you see in complete darkness, as twilight roles around and it starts to get darker outside, you can turn on the Aurosports low level night light for some extra viewing time that your friends won’t get. This pair is resistant to light rain, and customers love the easy to follow instruction and neck strap provided. While some adults might want a lens a bit larger than 25mm, for kids and teens, these binoculars are excellent.

5. Gosky 10x42 Compact HD Professional Binoculars

Gosky makes a second appearance on this list with their 10x binoculars that are perfect for spotting those Mockingjays out in the distance. High powered and aesthetically pleasing, this Gosky pair will give you true-to-life detail with its BAK4 Prism lens. With an included carry-on strap and bag, these Gosky Binoculars provide the same smartphone compatibility that the Gosky Titan’s (number 3) do. But if smartphone usage will be the main way you plan to use your binoculars for bird watching, then we suggest getting the Gosky Titan instead, as these binoculars are best for non-cellphone, long range viewing.

Our recommendation is that you travel to your local sports store and physically look through as many of these binoculars as possible to get a feel for how well they will work for you outdoors.


Honestly, there’s no need to stress too much about finding the “best” first pair of birdwatching binoculars, for two reasons. First, the community of bird watchers are committed to high quality bird viewing and all recommend an eventual upgrade as you become more advanced in your bird watching hobby. Second, unlike with, marine binoculars which can become wet a worthless if cheap, there is a lower risk for finding a bird watcher that won’t get the basic job done. One final pro-tip, take these binoculars out for any day you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time, especially while traveling and going to the zoo. The world is a beautiful place and it’s your job to see it all!

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